Monet’s Garden, Giverny, France

I often have wondered how the French can take the extremes of color, texture and design, sometimes in the simplest way, and produce the outstanding!  Maybe it is their steadfast insistence on how style, quality, and tradition can converge to celebrate beauty in any object, in any era.  Whatever their secret, I love it!  With this admiration, many journeys to France, experience in interior design, and a continued interest in my French ancestry, this business was born.

Pierette Designs was named after my French Great-Great Grandmother who, in turn, was named after Pierette, the famous stock character on the French stage during the late 1800’s.  Pierette and Pierrot, her male counterpart, donned various designs of classic white, flouncy costumes with black pompoms, ruffled collars, and sported black caps.  Their costumes have continued to influence fashion over the years with updated versions by designers who create show-stopping couture using similar accents.


With this inspiration, Pierette Designs is proud to present distinctive French fashion for you and your home.  Many boutique items are made in France by traditional craftsmen, selected, and imported by us; other products are made by American artisans dedicated to producing the best of France this side of the Atlantic.

I hope you will include Pierette Designs in making your fashion statement.  My commitment to you is simple:  unique French styling, quality products, and excellent customer service.