The Art of Creating Le Macaron

A French Touch for your Dessert Menu
In the world of Parisian macarons, the lingering question is whether Pierre Herme or Laduree make the best delectibles.  I’ve eaten both and, frankly, either line of macarons takes eating sweets to another level!

Planes and Trains and Hotels, Oh, Versailles!

If you find yourself on a plane to France, a must see is the Palace of Versailles.  The traditional mode of transportation from Paris to Versailles is train.  As part of a government program, Art In Transit, the normally drab train interiors have received a royal make over. The inside of the cars are affixed with a temporary plastic wrap of scenes from Palace of Versailles and the grounds. 

Cannes Film Festival

In the South of France, the first ever Cannes Film Festival was held in 1947 to celebrate the Art of Film.  It was founded by Jean Zay and Philippe Erlanger who invited sixteen countries to present films at the international cinematographic festival.

The arrival of Spring…

or Printemps in French, has allowed nature to shake off the cold of the long winter months.  The world seems to be bursting with colors and life — doing away with the drab and bleak silence of snow.  In France, they celebrate the coming of Spring in the form of May Day (Fete du Travail) on May 1st.

The Flying Bells of France

The French have fascinating Christian traditions during the week before Easter Sunday.  Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, or Le Dimanche Des Rameaux.  “Rameaux” translates to “branches.”   Decorated branches are often made of palm leaves, lavender, laurel and rosemary; they are brought to churches to be blessed.  These “branches” are a reminder of Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem when the townspeople laid palm leaves on the ground on which He could walk. 

European Finds – 14thJuly – Bastille Day

On the 14th July France celebrated Bastille Day with village fetes, fireworks, military parades and airshows.  The Bastille, a medieval fortress and prison in Paris was stormed on this day in 1789 by the people of Paris, they were in search of arms and gunpowder to use in their campaign against the French monarchy - the starting point of the French Revolution. 

European Finds - A NEW ADVENTURE

Our French Market reviewer, Janette, will be taking up residence soon in Edinburgh, Scotland.  During her remaining time in France, she will be reporting on notable French architecture, its historical significance, and any other interesting French tidbits.


I recently ran across a Chanel video, “Coco,” which portrays the life and image of this renowned, yet controversial, French fashion designer.  Aside from sharing her life story, the video is extremely well done, chic, stylish, and definitely worth a look.

French Market Review - March, 2014

Last Sunday I visited the lovely village of Sainte-Patrice with its grand Château de Rochecotte.    It’s now a luxury hotel, but was once the home of the Duchess Dorothea de Dino and Prince Edmond de Talleyrand, a French General in the Napoleonic wars.

Pantone Colors for 2014

Around this time of year, many of us yearn for something fresh, bright, and new in our wardrobes and homes, right?  Enter Pantone, the global source on color selection, sharing its direction with fashion and home designers on a yearly basis.  Ultimately, Pantone’s choices determine the seasonal color trends in France, the U.S. and beyond in clothing and home décor lines.

French Market Review – February, 2014

Thank goodness the sun decided to put in an appearance for my first French flea market of the New Year!   We have had nothing but rain for the last two months, and lots of proposed flea markets have been cancelled due to the parks and fields being waterlogged.

French Market Review - January 2014

A Happy New Year to everyone, with lots of good health and happiness, and everything that you wish for.  

However, before I dive into 2014, I thought it would be good to share with you the highlights of the last flea markets of 2013, before the local artisans took over in December selling their wonderful wooden toys and warm spicy fudge!

Love Is In The Air

The Premier Hat Collection has been a big hit this winter. These chapeaus have to be the most beautifully styled and made hats I have ever seen. Leave it to the French!

French Market Review - November 2013

I am originally from Cheshire, England, but have lived in Scotland and Belgium raising my family.   For the last six years I have lived in the Loire region of France, and have been passionately travelling around local, and Paris, brocantes and vide-greniers in search of wonderful French treasures!