French Fleur de Lis and Irish Celtic Knot... meaningful symbols.

We have recently added the beautiful Fleur de LIs/Celtic Knot Bracelet to our shop, a perfect addition, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.   [View the bracelet here.]

Here's a little history on the Fleur de Lis and the Celtic Knot -
           the symbols that make this bracelet so special.... 

Fleur de Lis

In 12th c France, the Fleur de lis, or flower of the lily, design was incorporated in the shields of the royalty and soon became the sign of the aristocracy.  In addition, the Catholic Church portrayed the lily symbol as a special sign of the Blessed Mother and its three petals often became a metaphor for the Trinity.  Merging both themes, St. Joan of Arc’s flag displayed the fleur de lis symbol as she entered into battle.


Celtic Knot

The intricate design of the Irish Celtic Knot dates back to 450 AD.  It is uncertain as to its origin or the meaning of the actual design at the time.  However, it is known that the Celts redesigned the image, producing various versions throughout the years. The predominant interpretation of the knot itself is that of interconnectedness – in faith, life, friendship and with the lines tracing the eternal flow of birth and rebirth.