The Shamrock Saint and His French Connection

Beyond hearing the legends of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, did you ever wonder if this Saint was real?  In my quest to learn more, I discovered that he was, in fact, a very real, heroic missionary whose priestly vocation was formed in France.

Here’s some quick history for you

Born during the 4th century, in what is now known as Great Britain, St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates in his early teens and brought to pagan Ireland as a slave.  It was there that he discovered a profound relationship with God.  Finally, escaping his captors at age 20, St. Patrick arrived in Britain and then reached Auxerre, France (Burgundy area) where, under St. Germain’s guidance, he became a priest and bishop.  Ultimately, he returned to Ireland and converted many to Christianity.  It is said he used the shamrock as an example of the Trinity in his teachings.

St. Patrick died at Saul, Downpatrick, in Northern Ireland on March 17th, 461. 

Check out this video to really capture some authentic St. Patrick’s Day spirit:

For more background on St. Patrick, read this 2017 Chicago Tribune article: