Pierette & Pierrot Through History

Who would have thought two French mimes, Pierette and Pierrot, would have a centuries-long influence on the arts, literature, film, music and fashion -- even to this day.  Beginning in the late seventeenth-century, artists recognized Pierette and Pierrot's appeal and portrayed them in a myriad of ways over the years. 

Presented, below, are some of the depictions; top row from left to right -  Pierrot by Jean Antoine Watteau, 1718; Pierrot With A  White Pipe by George Seurat, 1883; Pierette Postcard Image; Harlequin On Horseback by Pablo Picasso, 1905.  In the second row from left to right -  Serenade by Maxfield Parrish; 1908, Paul as Harlequin, Pablo Picasso, 1924; Paul as Pierrot, Pablo Picasso, 1929; Pierrot And Pierette postcard by Sofia Chiostri, prior to 1945.  

Next time you see a ruffled collar, polka dots, pompoms, large black buttons, flouncy black and white fashion designs, think twice about their origin.  Pierette and Pierrot live on!

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